Coolorus Affiliate Program

Why Coolorus?

Already successful product, very popular in the industry, used by top artists and companies in the world, thousands of happy customers all over the world, very good reviews.

How much you can earn?

We offer 50% commision on every purchase made via affiliate link. What does that really mean?

  1. Coolorus regular price is 14.99$
  2. Paddle takes its share (50 cents + 5% of total price /14.99$/), in our case it's 1.25$, so 13.75$ is left
  3. Then commision comes in giving you 13.75 * 50% = 6.87$

(*) For EU based customers, VAT is deducted first, rate depends on the country, i.e 20% in Great Britain gives 2.5$ of VAT tax, so commision in this case would be 5.63$

(**) Discount coupons are deducted from the original price first, so it affects commision as well.


Refund rates has been below 1% for the last 4 years (despite 60 days money back guarantee!), and conversion rate on is around 3.3%.

Brand Assets

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