Coolorus 2: Color Picker
for Photoshop

Color Wheel Somethign cool to say about default view.

How to install Coolorus 2.5 in Photoshop CC

Click here if you are Photoshop CS5/CS6 user
  1. Make sure your Photoshop is up to date (i.e 2014.2.2)
  2. Download Coolorus 2.5
  3. Extract ZIP file
  4. In Photoshop choose File -> Scripts -> Browse and pick 'Install Coolorus 2.5.jsx' file OR Drag and drop JSX file onto Photoshop window
  5. Click 'OK' twice
  6. Restart Photoshop
  7. Choose 'Window -> Extensions -> Coolorus 2.5'
  8. Enter your email and license key
  9. Click 'Activate'
  10. Happy Cooloring!

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